Stress Quotient Assessment

Why assess stress?

  • Stress-related ailments cost the nation $300 billion every year in medical bills and lost productivity.

  • Elevated levels of stress are directly correlated with low Employee Engagement, higher turnover, poor morale, lacking productivity, undesirable team dynamics, and increased absenteeism.

  • To determine the severity of stress’s impact on employees’ Physical, Emotional, Cognitive, and Behavioral health.

  • Once assessed, organizations can strategically address the key drivers of undesired stress that is impacting the team/organization.

The Stress Quotient Assessment

Developed by TTI Success Insights for teams, departments, organizations, and individuals. This tool examines seven different types of stress in individuals: Demands, Effort/Rewards Balance, Control, Organizational Change, Manager/Supervisor, Social Support, Job Security

The report shows overall levels of stress, the impact of each of the above types of stress on the overall levels of stress being experienced, and quantifies the ways in which stress is impacting the group/individual being assessed.

Takes 10-15 minutes to complete online and is 100% confidential.

“The Stress Quotient™ is a tool that our clients have found extremely powerful as it provides actionable data related to workplace stress. Tackling the causes of stress leads to higher performance, fewer missed days, and, most importantly, reinforces the fact that your company truly cares for its employees.”

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