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Access to the care and resources your students need

Perspectives’ Student Assistance Program provides top-notch, approachable, and empathetic mental health support and resources for your students. We not only support students on their unique journey, but we also give students the tools they need to manage the challenges that school and life throws at them. With improved mental health and well-being, your students can focus on their success and growth.

We offer personalized solutions that work for you, including fully outsourced mental health programs or support for your current school initiatives.

SAPs reduce attrition while improving attendance and productivity.

52 %

of people

who do not complete college had difficulties prioritizing mental health while in college.

87 %

of 4-year, public college presidents

say mental health has become a bigger priority.

44 %

of college students

reported having symptoms of depression or anxiety .

With Perspectives’ Student Assistance Program, organizations can expect:

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Students have immediate access to services and resources anywhere, anytime by phone, text, chat, or email via our website or mobile app.


Students will connect with a master’s level or above counselor, not a call center or bot. 


Personalized Programs

From extended care and third-party advisors to integrating with existing processes, we collaborate with your team to provide the care your students need. 



Students have access to a vast network of carefully curated and reliable mental health, nutrition, legal and financial providers, with whom they can schedule appointments in days, not weeks or months.

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Each provider in our scalable network undergoes a rigorous and thorough onboarding process.



Our specialized engagement plan includes comprehensive onboarding documents, compassionate and relevant resources, and ongoing communication based on your students’ needs.​


Custom Support Team

We provide a top-notch, dedicated team of professionals to help you, help your students


Day-To-Day Partner

Your HR partner for consultations and crisis management.


Clinical Department

Masters/PhD level counselors specializing in evidence-based care for a full spectrum of issues.


Crisis Support Unit

Highly-trained individuals who can mobilize quickly when violence or tragedy impacts your workplace.


Network Management

A dedicated team to assess, manage and thoughtfully grow our full network of providers.


Content Studio

Communication specialists proficient in developing resources to engage and inform your students.

Solutions to best serve your students’ needs

At Perspectives, we recognize that everyone has unique needs. That’s why we partner with your team to create a program that is customized to best serve your students:

  • We can integrate with your existing on-site counseling and student services to enable your team to help more students.

  • We can help your team with an overflow of cases AND provide resources beyond counseling that can help students achieve improved well-being.

  • We can provide robust case management for on-going care.

Students - Mental and emotional health

Mental and Emotional Health

We offer both scheduled counseling and immediate support to help improve students’ life and school balance. 

Students - Tools for tough times

Tools for Tough Times

We can help with issues such as stress, depression, grief, anxiety, substance abuse, relationships, life changes, trauma, PTSD and more.

Students - Caring for others

Caring for Others

We offer access to services and resources to help students navigate family dynamics, caregiving, military and veterans issues, disability care, and even pet care.

Students - Financial and Legal

Financial and Legal

We offer advice and tools to help with money matters and changes in a student’s financial situation, as well as legal education and access to legal and financial info and forms.

Students - Student life resources

Student-Life Resources

At anytime, students can access skill-building courses, assessments, forms, calculators, quizzes, videos, articles and more to feel their best at school, home and in their community

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Perspectives' response was quick and thorough, my therapist was skilled and contributed to my well-being.


I absolutely loved and looked forward to my scheduled therapy appointments with Perspectives. I even used some of the anti-anxiety techniques earlier today.


My experience was incredible. It was helpful and necessary for the events in my life and to tie it all together to be able to learn and move forward with my mental health in a positive direction.




Improving student mental health can increase retention, leading to increased tuition revenue for the institution and increased lifetime productivity for the students themselves.

Our Account Manager works with our contacts at the institution to get informed of any existing mental health initiatives and requests to be a part of these meetings to determine how the SAP can support the initiative and collaborate to provide a well rounded program for the students.

We have 24/7 counselor support available via text or call. Urgent cases can get additional care within 24 hours and non-urgent follow-ups will be scheduled within 2-3 working days. 

We have 24/7 support from counselors available via text or call. If there is a larger critical incident on the campus we can work with the organization to provide Critical Incident Response (CIR) with licensed and trained counselors virtually or in-person ASAP. 

Beyond counseling, your Perspectives Student Assistance Program (SAP) provides:

  • Referrals for caretaking, financial and legal services
  • A Student Life portal with resources relevant for on and off-campus students
  • Access to mindfulness and meditation resources

An SAP works when members use its services. Perspectives SAP stays top of mind with an engagement plan that includes:

  • Comprehensive Onboarding & Implementation Process
  • Ongoing, relevant programs and resources
  • Data-informed optimization

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