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An assistance program based on your culture and needs

We launched our counseling and psychotherapy practice in 1981 and quickly expanded into the workplace realizing that empowering people creates better teams, and better teams create better organizations.

Our purpose every day is to provide highly visible mental health and work/life concierge services designed to drive the overall health and success of your employees/members and your organization.

Our credentialed, and highly experienced cadre of counselors, consultants, coaches and trainers work closely with your people to power their journey to improved well-being.

Organizations and individuals rely on Perspectives’ powerful stand-alone Employee, Member and Student Assistance Program (EAP/MAP/SAP) to:

  • Support mental and emotional health, whenever they need it.
  • Provide resources to deal with stress, depression, grief, anxiety, substance abuse, and more.
  • Offer skill-building exercises to enhance important work and life capabilities.
  • Provide recommendations for quality caretaking, financial, and legal services, and resources.

Assistance programs reduce absenteeism and healthcare costs and aid productivity and engagement

50 :1

average roi

with a Perspectives Assistance Program. Based on Productivity Losses, Turnover Costs, Healthcare/Medical Disability Costs, and the average cost of Assistance Program.

56 %


in life satisfaction when an organization offers an Assistance Program.

46 %


in presenteeism when an organization offers an Assistance Program.

The Perspectives assistance program difference

Choosing the wrong EAP, MAP, or SAP can mean the difference between giving your employees immediate access to support and mental health resources when they need them vs. having employees reach out for help only to be told they need to wait while a counselor is located.

For some embedded providers, the assistance program is a secondary priority.

At Perspectives, we allocate dedicated and comprehensive resources to providing your employees with the help and support they need, when they need it.

With a Perspectives EAP, MAP, or SAP organizations can expect:



Access to a vast network of carefully curated and reliable mental health, nutrition, legal and financial providers, as well as, leadership, team and organizational consultants, with whom you can schedule appointments in days, not weeks or months.


Local Providers

To serve your unique needs and location, our network is scalable through our rigorous provider onboarding process. 

feat-icon (1)


EAP staff is available 24/7 via phone, text, or Live online chat feature, as well as the Perspectives app. Employees can access services and resources anywhere, anytime.


Highly Credentialed

All calls into the Call Center are answered by master’s or PhD level staff who are dedicated only to Perspectives clients. 


Integrated & Coordinated Care

Perspectives’ extended care providers and third-party advisors will collaborate with your insurance carriers and partners to get you the care you need.


Employee Engagement

Comprehensive onboarding documents, compassionate and relevant resources, seminars, and ongoing communication designed to keep the EAP top-of-mind with your employees.​


Custom Support Team

We provide a top-notch, dedicated team of professionals to help you, help your employees:


Day-To-Day Partner

Your HR partner for consultations and crisis management.


Clinical Department

Masters/PhD level counselors specializing in evidence-based care for a full spectrum of issues.


Crisis Support Unit

Highly-trained individuals who can mobilize quickly when violence or tragedy impacts your workplace.


Network Management

A dedicated team to assess, manage and thoughtfully grow our full network of providers.


Content Studio

Communication specialists proficient in developing resources to engage and inform your workforce.


Organizational Consultants

Expert consultants with easily scalable services in talent development and organizational strategy.

The support, tools and resources your people need.

Our highly visible, high-touch, and high-tech employee assistance program is uniquely designed to meet your organization’s needs. We provide support, counseling, and resources to help your employees address the stressors that are affecting their work and their life.

Employee - Mental and Emotional Health

Mental and Emotional Health

Access to counseling, coaching and support 24/7 or through scheduled sessions.

Employee - Tools for tough times

Tools for Tough Times

Support and resources for difficult times in life or at work. 

Employee - Caregiver Resources

Caregivers Resources

Services and resources to help your people help those around them. 

Employee - Financial and Legal

Financial and Legal

Access to advice and tools to help with money and legal matters. 

Employee - Worklife Resources

Work-Life Resources

Easy online access to skill-building courses, assessments, quizzes, videos, articles, and more.

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Perspectives has served as our EAP partner for over ten years. Their counselors are available 24/7 for emergency services, referrals and crisis debriefing sessions to our staff, as well as their family units. The Perspectives staff are professional and demonstrate commitment and compassion in delivering quality EAP programs.


I know that Perspectives has positively impacted many of my employees. Those dealing with grief/loss, addiction, financial issues, and domestic violence have found Perspectives to be an invaluable resource. As an employer, I have found their seminars and employee support programs helpful and necessary.

East Bank Club

Perspectives is extremely accessible. Anytime we’ve had an employee issue or needed some paperwork drawn up quickly, they are very quick to respond.

Village of Niles


Yes. We provide assistance programs for many unions and associations nationally and internationally. 

Yes. We have resources and counseling services for individuals, couples, and families and work with children, teens, and adults. Our assistance programs are available to the family members of the employees, students, and members we serve.

"Yes. We provide many resources and services for parents and caregivers, including:

  • Referrals for child and elder care
  • Counseling for caregivers and their famil
  • Resources, webinars, and articles relevant to caregivers"

Yes. Although this is a benefit through your employer, union, or school, we are separate and they will not know that you have contacted us.

Yes. We have translators for 137 languages as well as a bilingual Spanish/English staff and work/life online portal.

No. Unlike an embedded EAP, providing EAP and WorkLife services is our primary business. Your dedicated team of Perspectives employees is focused on delivering top-tier EAP services that address your employees stressors before they become medical and behavioral health issues. 

EAPs and MAPs are shown to decrease healthcare and disability costs and increase employees' productivity and well-being. Based on industry trends it is estimated that organizations receive an ROI of 50.2:1 for each dollar spent on your assistance program. 

We recognize the urgency of responding to emergencies and critical incidents. That is why we are able to have Critical Incident Response (CIR) virtually or on-site within 2 hours. We gather all the necessary information and facts about what has happened and develop a plan that is clinically appropriate and right for your organization. We train for all of our clinical staff on providing CIR services and best practices. After the CIR, we check in with the organization and provider to determine any follow-ups or feedback.

Yes. From stress management to life balance, to physical health goals, wellness coaching can provide the support, accountability, and strategies people need to achieve well-being. While certified career coaches can help individuals identify their career goals and strategies for achieving those goals. Coaching is an offering that can be added on to you EAP, MAP or SAP program depending on your needs and budget.

Yes. We provide many different levels of training and resources for your managers and supervisors. For more in-depth or complex needs we recommend engaging our Workforce Development consultants to provide a customized approach for your unique needs and budget. 

An EAP, MAP, or SAP works when members use its services. Perspectives EAP stays top of mind with an engagement plan that includes:

  • Comprehensive Onboarding & Implementation Process
  • Ongoing, relevant programs and resources
  • Data-informed optimization

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