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Together, we change lives.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging are integral to our mission

Our providers are the heart of Perspectives’ success. You provide care and attention to people seeking help. And we support you in that crucial work.

We were founded on a simple idea: Empower people to achieve well-being. Perspectives was founded in 1981 with a commitment to delivering the highest-quality care. In 2023 Perspectives joined the AllOne Health family of companies, allowing us to expand our networks, coverage, and resources for our customers and employees. 

We know you chose this work because it is a calling for you. We focus on removing barriers and providing support so you can help others live their most authentic lives.

Join us in making a change.

Why you should work with Perspectives

There is a reason therapists choose to work with Perspectives. Together we are helping to create healthier individuals and a more resilient workforce while also supporting your personal goals.

At Perspectives, providers can find a flexible schedule, telehealth, and in-person options, and support when it comes to scheduling, billing, and all the logistics involved in providing care.

It’s like starting your own practice without the worry.

Join Perspectives and make an impact on well-being today

Choose from one of three opportunities to join us at Perspectives.

Counselor, Psychologist or Social Worker
  • Flexibility to create your own schedule
  • Competitive compensation
  • Team of people to help with credentialing and insurance paneling
  • Worry-free scheduling and billing
  • Clinical supervision and collaboration
  • Reimbursement for CEUs, insurance liability, and marketing platform subscriptions
  • Internal growth opportunities
  • Vacation benefits for full-time employees
EAP Counselor
  • Worry-free scheduling and billing
  • License and CEU reimbursements
  • Ample training opportunities
  • Internal growth opportunities
  • Guaranteed case load
  • Clinical supervision and collaboration
  • Vacation benefits for full-time employees
Clinical Affiliate
  • Flexibility to create your own schedule
  • Easy invoicing and quick payment processing
  • Highly motivated client referrals

We all go through moments where life can be a hard. Knowing that every day Perspectives makes a difference and gives access to care for people who are hurting, struggling, or need someone to listen, gets me up in the morning.

Sales Team Employee

The team culture and community really help create an environment where we can do our jobs and encourage all of these wonderful mental health initiatives to continue to destigmatize mental health in the workplace.


There is a common thread that binds us all together and that is helping others.

Finance Lead


In-person and/or telehealth (video or phone).

An EAP/SAP/MAP is a free benefit to an organization's employees/students and their family members. The EAP/SAP/MAP provides short-term mental health counseling at no cost along with other non-clinical services such as legal referrals, financial counseling, career coaching, referrals for eldercare, childcare, etc.

An EAP/SAP/MAP clinician receives referrals from our call center from employees/students and family members who are looking to use their EAP/SAP/MAP benefit. The clinician will work with the client within the short-term model. The clinician will start with an assessment and if deemed appropriate for short-term counseling, more sessions will be authorized within the EAP/SAP/MAP session model. If deemed appropriate for long-term counseling or requires a higher level of care, the clinician will provide clinically appropriate referrals and resources to the client through their insurance or community resources. A private practice clinician is a provider who meets with clients through insurance or self-pay. This is generally a counseling model that can be long-term and has no limits on sessions. Referrals are typically generated through various online sources, such as Psychology Today, ZenCare, etc. 

Full-time is 90 hours a month of clinical sessions. Full-time employees get health benefits, vision, and dental. An annual continuing education allowance for training, paid liability insurance and vacation time is included. 

On our private practice side, we use Simple Practice as our Electronic Health Record (EHR). Scheduling and client communication can be done online through this easy-to-use platform. Phone calls go to our intake department and clients will be scheduled through our support team. For EAP, SAP, and MAP clients, our affiliates use ProviderFiles to receive new referrals and submit their billing online. 

For private practice clinicians, we take care of all of the billing, we field all phone calls, manage co-pays, and credentialing to insurance companies. All you have to do is show up and do therapy. We offer weekly supervision groups that anyone can join. We host team building activities 2 times a month and offer as much support as you need and want. If you are an EAP/SAP/MAP counselor and a Perspectives employee, scheduling is done by our call center and hold a monthly clinical meeting along with weekly individual and group supervision with your clinical supervisor. If you are a contracted affiliate, our call center will provide your practice with referrals and these could lead to long-term clients through insurance/self-pay. For all of the above, webinars and trainings are periodically provided throughout the year. 

Perspectives provides internal trainings/CEUs. Perspectives recognizes unique skill sets and creativity that each team member brings to the table, and provides opportunities for these skill sets to be shared with the organization. 

We provide telehealth and in-person services. Our in-person offices are located around the Chicagoland area in:

  • Downtown Chicago
  • Downers Grove
  • Naperville
  • Oak Lawn
  • Olympia Fields
  • Park Ridge Merrillville, IN and Michigan City, IN


You pick your hours unless specified otherwise in the job posting. We do not require certain hours, however, just know that some hours are more in demand than others and the hours you pick will determine how quickly some of those time slots are filled.