Engage Plus™ Survey

Actionable Data for Employee Engagement

Unveil the insights needed to make meaningful changes within your organization. This high-value, low-cost employee engagement survey will provide actionable data to:

  • ENGAGE employees’ head, heart and hands
  • SUPPORT employees to work well and achieve together
  • LEAD employees by example
  • ALIGN employee efforts to organization goals
  • NURTURE employees in a healthy environment
  • EMPOWER employees to do the best work in the best way
  • UNITE employees as a high performing-team

With real-time reporting, action planning by department, historical trends, normative benchmarks, and the ability to add additional items to your survey, Engage Plus is the perfect customizable solution for any team, department, or organization looking to increase employee engagement!

Why Engage Plus™?

  1. Developed by a team of research consultants, Perspectives’ Engage Plus is a powerful employee engagement survey built for practical application across organizations in all industries.

  2. The Engage Plus survey items were rigorously developed and tested over two decades using millions of employee survey results and design expertise.

  3. Validated by a recent Kantar TNS global panel study, the Engage Plus survey is a reliable choice to measure the most critical elements your organization can master to create a world-class culture.

Perspectives will be your full-service strategic partner for assessments, post-survey consulting, organizational development and more.

Post-Survey Support Resources:

  • Data Analysis
  • Focus Groups
  • Presentation of Results
  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership/Organizational Development
  • Group Training
  • And More

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