Emergency Preparedness & Crisis Response

When it comes to safety, you must be proactive. Every year emergencies take a tremendous toll on business and industry­­—impacting lives and dollars. With the proper plans in place, you can limit injuries and damages and return to normal operations more quickly.

Perspectives will work as your partner to assess, enhance and develop your company’s emergency preparedness, security, and crisis plans. The practical exercises and interactive training programs are tailored to fit your organization’s unique culture and needs.

Trusted Experience Our facilitators have an average of 25 years of experience in law enforcement and security. They bring real-world expertise from a wide range of roles within businesses, schools, and police departments.

Custom Solutions Whether it’s an emergency plan assessment, security plan overhaul or customized training, we help your organization prepare for incidents and business disruptions.

Industry Best Practices We take pride in bringing industry best practices and our experience working with clients in government, park districts, K-12 schools, colleges, libraries, other educational institutions, small businesses, and corporations.

Safety and Security Assessments:

  • Physical security assessment
  • Safety and security assessment for events and programs


  • Company or campus safety and response procedures
  • Proper hall coverage before/after school and during passing periods
  • Physical security risks and hazard analysis
  • Security surveillance and access control systems

Policies, Procedures, and Emergency Plan Development:

  • Security policies and procedures development
  • Emergency plan development


  • Emergency preparedness
  • Emergency response training videos
  • Community policing strategies
  • Proper radio etiquette
  • Active shooter response

Interactive Exercises:

  • Tabletop, lockdown full-scale exercises
  • Full-scale exercises

Crisis Management Services:

  • Crisis preparation and response plan development
  • Crisis preparedness training for managers
  • Onsite critical incident stress management (CISM) and counseling
  • Strategies for dealing with the media in a crisis

Contact us if you are interested in more information about emergency preparedness and crisis response. 

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“Employees reached out and thanked me for the training that Perspectives provided. It really made the staff feel like management cared about their safety and well-being and they were extremely appreciative.”

— Lauren Friedman, Associate Director, Human Resources at the Institute of Food Technologists —