Disruptive Professional Coaching

We partner with your organization to help intervene with individuals in high level positions who are behaving in a disruptive manner.

Our objective is to minimize the organizational risk associated with these disruptive behaviors while positively impacting the effectiveness of the professionals and your organization.

Services include:

  • Collaboration with your organization’s leadership on developing and implementing a program
  • Coaching of individuals identified as disruptive
  • Consultation with your organization on the progress of each coaching engagement
  • Ongoing education to your leadership on how to identify, constructively confront, monitor for improvement and follow up with program participants

Program Overview

This is a highly tailored, individualized private coaching program for professionals who display disruptive behavior in the workplace. It is focused on:

  • The elimination of disruptive behaviors in the workplace and continued employment of the professional
  • Mid-to-senior level managers/executives, attorneys, clergy, physicians, healthcare professionals, educators, etc. whose contribution to the organization is significant
  • Assisting and coaching the employer in dealing with the identified professional in a constructive manner in order to facilitate an appropriate referral to the program
  • Dealing with individuals who have been mandated to seek these services, often as a condition of continued employment

Our facilitators have a background in coaching, counseling, and HR. Key elements include:

  • Critical incident analysis
  • Goal setting
  • Detailing patterns of inappropriate conduct
  • Understanding employer expectations
  • Deciding on alignment with employer expectations
  • Outlining appropriate conduct and behavioral options
  • Stress and affect education
  • Anger management education

Coaching Process

The coaching process is tailored to suit each disruptive individual and their employing or credentialing organization. First, we consult with the organization and individual to clarify issues and objectives. Then we’ll set up an initial meeting with the disruptive professional for a thorough assessment, using a variety of assessment tools.

Accountability for and Monitoring of Change

This program is behaviorally oriented and progress is evaluated by establishing measurable goals at the outset and assigning tasks and homework to the disruptive professional. The disruptive professional is taught strategies to support behavior change and workplace feedback is gathered to measure that change.

Contact us if you are interested in more information about disruptive professional coaching.