Culture & Organizational Redesign

Our culture and organizational redesign solutions are designed to support an enterprise-wide business transformation. The strategy development services utilize our Seven P’s to High-Performance organizational development framework. This proven framework takes a methodical design approach to identify, align and transform the people components that form the foundation of effective, high-performing organizations.

We assess, analyze and align your Purpose, Processes, Platform, People, Performance, Pay and Place to fully support the goals of your business and yield measurable high performance.

This involves discovery, design, and communication to leadership of a Roadmap for Success and the Organizational Development (OD) strategy, including:

  • Integration with Business Goals. (The Why of the OD strategy) The Roadmap aligns the people strategy to the overall business strategy and short- and mid-term goals.
  • Prioritized Timeline. (The When of the OD strategy) This timeline prioritizes the implementation actions and makes clear what actions should be happening at each step of the transformation process.
  • Resource Allocation. (The Who of the OD strategy) This part of the Roadmap sets forth the internal and external resources required to accomplish the implementation timeline.


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