perspectivesCulture Hunt

Welcome to Culture Hunt by Perspectives, the podcast that highlights leaders and organizations that create world-class cultures, maximizing performance and effectiveness.

We speak to leaders of exceptional companies that have cultures like no other.

Episode 8: ICI Staffing

In this month’s episode, we speak to Mark Meyer, President of ICI Staffing. Mark gives concrete advice on how business leaders can create productive, healthy, and happy workplaces.

Episode 7: Management Association

Tune in as we interview Mary Lynn Fayoumi, President and CEO of Management Association. Gain valuable insights from a leader in human resources faced with the ever-changing environment of the modern workplace.

Episode 6: Fox Valley Auto Group
Our guest Emir Abinion, president of Fox Valley Auto Group, shares how he has created an A+ culture through a commitment to the community, customers and employees.

Episode 5: Burrell Communications
Our guest Fay Ferguson, Co-CEO of Burrell Communications, tells us what makes their culture thrive, including strong values focused on giving back, driving change and making a difference in the community.

Episode 4: Inspera Health
Our guest Lee Murphy, CEO of Inspera Health, shares his comprehensive approach to enriching the lives of his employees and program participants. He also tells us why snazzy, blue Nike shoes serve as a conversation piece and bring smiles to the Inspera team. 

Episode 3: Corporate Event Interactive
Bernie interviews Ed Graziano, founder of Corporate Event Interactive. Ed shares insights on creating a workplace environment and culture centered on a “homey feeling” that includes wellness amenities and flexible scheduling to ensure a positive vibe among his employees.

Episode 2: Flowers For Dreams
Bernie interviews his son Steven Dyme, CEO and co-founder of Flowers For Dreams, a remarkable Chicago-based startup. Steven shares his Millennial-driven initiatives and the importance of listening sessions, sharing and peanut butter.

Episode 1: Perspectives
For our first episode, Perspectives founder and CEO Bernie Dyme interviews VP of Marketing, Principal, Terry Cahill about the do’s and don’ts of building and maintaining a thriving workplace culture.