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Welcome to Culture Hunt by Perspectives, the podcast that highlights leaders and organizations that create world-class cultures, maximizing performance and effectiveness.

We speak to leaders of exceptional companies that have cultures like no other.

Episode 3: Corporate Event Interactive
Bernie interviews Ed Graziano, founder of Corporate Event Interactive. Ed shares insights on creating a workplace environment and culture centered on a “homey feeling” that includes wellness amenities and flexible scheduling to ensure a positive vibe among his employees.

Episode 2: Flowers For Dreams
Bernie interviews his son Steven Dyme, CEO and co-founder of Flowers For Dreams, a remarkable Chicago-based startup. Steven shares his Millennial-driven initiatives and the importance of listening sessions, sharing and peanut butter.

Episode 1: Perspectives
For our first episode, Perspectives founder and CEO Bernie Dyme interviews VP of Marketing, Principal, Terry Cahill about the do’s and don’ts of building and maintaining a thriving workplace culture.