Trauma and Coping

Trauma and Coping

Perspectives recently hosted a virtual event, “The Effects of Collective Trauma & 10 Tips for Coping.” Our Director of Account Management, Kellie Calderon, and our Director of Perspectives Counseling and Psychotherapy Centers, Brittani Sitar shared an informative presentation about trauma, grief, and coping. They provided:

  • An overview of collective trauma and grief
  • Examples of how trauma and grief affect you and your loved one's day-to-day
  • 10 tips for coping with trauma and grief 

Trauma and coping resources.

If you are interested in learning more about collective trauma, grief, and tips for coping you can watch a 30-minute version of the presentation or read the 4-page companion resource. See below for links.

A 30-minute video of the live event

Watch this 30-minute video for a deep dive into how collective trauma and grief affect people and 10 tips for coping. Includes a sample scenario of how this might play out for an individual.

A 4-page PDF

Collective Trauma and 10 Tips For Coping_1028 × 628 px
Read this 4-page overview about collective trauma, grief, and tips for coping.

If you are struggling to cope with recent traumatic events, you have options:

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