Supporting Children After a Traumatic Event

Supporting Children After a Traumatic Event

Children, teens, and young adults can face emotional strains after a traumatic event or disaster. This can happen when they experience trauma, watch it on TV, or overhear others discussing it, leaving them feeling scared, confused, or anxious.

Explore our latest guide about how to support children, teens, and young adults following a traumatic event.

This guide includes:

  • An overview of trauma/grief
  • General and age-appropriate tips for talking to children and teens
  • An overview of when to reach out for more help
  • Links to additional resources. 
An image of the Downloadable PDF about Tips for Talking to Children, Teens and Young Adults after a disaster or traumatic event

Looking for more resources about mental health and coping with trauma?

If you need to talk to a professional, reach out to your EAP/MAP/SAP or contact Perspectives Counseling and Psychotherapy Centers at 866-296-5262.