Well-Being Spotlight: Well-Rounded Support

Well-Being Spotlight: Well-Rounded Support

This month’s Well-Being Spotlight is on Emily Chase, Senior Vice President Patient Care Services at The University of Chicago Medicine. She shares thoughts on how her organization implemented well-rounded well-being programs to support their employees, teams and the organization.

Our new wellness program focuses on the multiple facets of employee wellness: healthy living, financial stability, healthcare, mental health services and more.

Emily Chase, PhD, RN, NE-BC, FACHE

What does well-being look like for your employees, teams, and organization? 

As a healthcare organization, well-being at The University of Chicago Medicine has been front and center during this global pandemic. Throughout the pandemic, our frontline healthcare workers have been providing relentless and exceptional care. The strain this has had on them makes the focus on well-being more important than ever.

We encourage staff to prioritize their time off. To use that time to recharge and reconnect with family and friends. Additionally, the organization offers well-rounded wellness support, including options through our Employee Assistance Program partners at Perspectives.

What have you put in place to boost employee wellness and well-being?  

The University of Chicago Medicine has a new wellness program that focuses on the multiple facets of employee wellness: healthy living, financial stability, healthcare, mental health services, and more. This program provides options for employees to engage in learning opportunities, as well as access ongoing support systems that boost their knowledge and confidence in these key employee wellness areas.

This well-rounded approach, focusing on all aspects of employee wellness, hopes to address the broad needs within our employee community. It is clear that everyone comes to wellness differently, and we need programs that can support a variety of approaches.

How do you practice self-care? 

Like many, I need to make sure that I schedule a time to practice self-care. My days and weeks can get busy, so planning ahead is incredibly important. I plan time off, even long weekends, to spend time with family and friends, which really helps me recharge. I try to plan ahead so my weeks can incorporate evening trips to the gym, as well as other things I enjoy for stress relief, such as listening to music and Audiobooks.

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