Stop Eating My Wife’s Shoes!

by Jonathan Eisler

Part 3 in our ongoing Leadership Lessons from a 4-Legged Friend series: How can a leader inspire and foster an organizational culture where freedom, innovation and efficiency prosper, and how can I stop my dog from eating my wife’s shoes? Despite being very different scenarios with very different stakes, the answer is the same: Clarity […]

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by Katie Valentino

The holidays are upon us, and regardless of which holidays we celebrate, this time of year brings families together. While this time can be positive as we celebrate with one another, the accompanying stress can have a negative impact on us, both personally and professionally. In fact, family discord is one of the top reasons […]

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Open Up a Gift of Gratitude

by Rebecca Litz

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.  -William Arthur Ward As I was eating a little too much pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, I started thinking about my gift list for the holidays. Now, normally, thinking about all those presents would stress me out— but Thanksgiving is a […]

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by Terry Cahill

Bob Cratchit sheepishly asking old Scrooge for just another lump of coal to heat the office seems a scene from a bygone era. Many U.S. employers now provide healthcare, disability and life insurance, as well as retirement and even wellness benefits.  And heated offices.  And yet many of us are not able to muster the […]

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