Learning & Development

Perspectives emphasizes learning and development as a vital component of proper workforce management and business success. Our training programs are powerful because they combine adult learning techniques with the knowledge and hands-on experience of successful HR practitioners and employment lawyers.

Our programs are customized to incorporate your policies and procedures and to reflect your business culture.

For training to have real value to the organization, the results of the training must be measured. Perspectives establishes measurable key performance indicators that ladder up to your organizational goals for each training program.

Our training programs fall into three categories:

  • Compliance. These programs support your risk management initiatives and ensure that employees and managers understand their rights and responsibilities in the organization. Courses such as Anti-Harassment, FLSA Compliance, Understanding the Contingent Workforce, and Managing within the Law fall into this group of education programs.
  • Professionalism. These programs ensure that employees know ‘how to be’ in your workplace and how to both support and drive your company culture. Programs like Effective Communication, Team Building, and Understanding Workstyles are included in this group of education programs.
  • Diversity and Inclusion. These programs support the creation of cultural competence and a feeling of belonging that is critical to our engagement in the workplace. Cultural Awareness, Implicit Bias and Creating an Inclusive Workplace are workshops included in these education programs.

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