Bystander Intervention Training

Preventing and addressing workplace misconduct is everyone’s responsibility!

Perspectives offer a virtual, compliant course that explores the role bystanders play in addressing workplace misconduct and empowers employees to be active contributors within a supportive speak-up culture.  

What can I expect from Perspectives Bystander Intervention Training?

A customized experience with focused content for your industry.


1-hour • On Demand • Micro Learning Videos • Engaging Mini Quizzes


Your employees will learn how to recognize and overcome barriers to intervention, such as fear of retaliation, social pressure, and ambiguity about the situation. The training covers critical skills, such as effective communication and de-escalation techniques, to intervene safely and confidently.


This training will be impactful not just “check the box.” Employees will benefit from:

  • Focused education to facilitate an inclusive, non-discriminatory work environment

  • Engaging video scenarios

  • Interactive exercises 

  • Proven intervention techniques

  • Practical tools that can make the difference in whether someone chooses to stay silent or to speak up for themselves or others

Bystander intervention is a critical part of creating a culture of accountability—one that doesn’t tolerate harassment, microaggressions, or discrimination of any kind.

Need to meet the Bystander Training requirement?
We’ve got you covered! This course is compliant with Chicago’s 1-hour bystander training requirement. We can deliver this training to you fast, so you won’t miss the June 30, 2023, deadline.

If you’re outside of Chicago, this requirement will likely set a new standard for other cities seeking to improve their anti-harassment training and create a safer workplace environment. Act now!

Bystander training is one of the most effective ways to stop workplace misconduct with safe and positive actions therefore further mitigating the risks organizations face when harassment occurs.

Bystander intervention can only be successful with the support and buy-in of the organization, and without fear of reprisal.  


Jonathan Eisler, VP of Business Development & Organizational Consulting or 312.252.7744.

Training options to fit your schedule, preferred format, and budget:

1)   In-Person Live Interactive Facilitation
2)   Live Virtual Interactive Facilitation
3)   Recorded Live Virtual Session*
4)   Animated On-Demand Video Training* (customized for your industry and your logo/branding)

*Licensing rights for unlimited use of the recorded training for internal purposes only through June 30, 2024. With this option, you can meet the city’s bystander training requirements for two years!

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