Join Us This Evening on a National Twitter Chat with Perspectives’ CEO and President, Bernie Dyme

by Kevin Einbinder

Bernie Dyme will be participating in a live Twitter Chat tonight with international experts regarding the topic of “Work-Life Integration: US and Australian Perspectives.”

The Twitter Chat, which will start at 7:00 p.m. Central Time, will have the hashtag, #ElevateTheConvo.

Among the specific topics that will be discussed include:

  • What is work-life integration? How does it impact overall wellness and resilience? Health and safety? What is the science behind these claims? What are the stories?
  • What can employers do to help promote work-life integration? What can employees or people who are self-employed do to make work-life integration a priority?
  • What are the biggest challenges in achieving work-life integration? What makes it so hard for employers and the workforce? What are common myths?
  • What is the future of work-life integration? Are there generational differences that employers should attend to? How might this wellness focus help employers attract and retain top talent?

If you have questions regarding this evening’s Twitter Chat please email:

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