Optimize Your Workplace as a Team

by Michael Dentico

TeamChainIn today’s rapidly-changing business world, stagnation is the enemy. It takes an all-hands-on-deck approach to keep up. We live in a time that would astonish our ancestors: technological advancements enable instantaneous communication around the globe, measurement tools log metrics to levels of detail we once could only dream of…

And technology continues to improve! It takes a concerted effort to stay relevant in this ever-shifting technological landscape. Your organization can keep up by optimizing the way it uses its resources. Every facet of your organization, from its operating efficiency to the date of the next employee ice cream social fits under this umbrella of optimization. But that doesn’t just equate to numbers and spreadsheets. Your people are your most valuable resource. When part of your objective becomes persistent improvement in every area of operation, a positive outcome is bound to result.

Your approach to optimization may vary; but in general, leveling the playing field to ensure that everyone on your team has a voice can create a pressure cooker of innovation and genuine collective insight. In other words, don’t go it alone. You have a team. Collaborate. UC Berkeley offers a comprehensive write-up on building an effective team; it recommends you consider each idea your employees bring forth as a valuable resource.

Change can be overwhelming. But if you use the resources at your disposal and rely on your team, you can greet each day with a relevant and adaptable response.

Perspectives EAP is part of your team. Whether helping your employees achieve work/life balance or consulting with management to optimize your workplace, Perspectives is by your side.

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