Are You a Vendor or a Strategic Provider of Solutions?

by Chris Kunze

It is easy during the many interactions we have with our customers to focus on the immediate response in our rush to provide answers, often as a result of an emergent customer need.

Vendors who provide strategic solutions will look beyond the immediate need and ask the customer the right questions to gain a deeper understanding of the core issue so they are not solely treating the symptom.

For example, in a recent meeting, our customers told us they wanted to run a series of seminars on stress to “fix” the issues they were seeing with the production teams, which they determined were the result of high production demands. We began to ask several questions to gain an understanding of what had changed in recent months that may have triggered the issues.  These probing questions led to a deeper discussion and plant tour during which we found out that the company recently installed a new production system. The new system was dramatically different and the company was so focused on the technical changes that they had not prepared the staff for the emotional effects of such a change.

Based on that input and our observations, we crafted a customized solution that included several seminars: first on managing changes and then on how to deal with stress.  The customer was extremely pleased with the feedback from the production teams and appreciated our strategic approach.

Ultimately, a “vendor” would have only provided the requested seminars, a strategic provider digs deeper to offer a solution to help address the core issue. At Perspectives, we work to ensure our clients view us as a trusted strategic partner, rather than simply one of many vendors.

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  • Gina Higgin

    Great perspective and so much of what we do! Thanks for putting this together!