3 Life Hacks for the Workplace

by Susan Dumigan

Are you sharing a genius time-saver, 14 tips for marketing success, or a simple way to poach the perfect egg? Click, I’m going to give it a read!

Online, there’s no shortage of clever/brilliant/bizarre solutions to everyday dilemmas. Just search Life Hacks, which is a phrase that describes advice, shortcuts or new ideas to get things done more efficiently and effectively.

Life hacks can be especially useful in the workplace; and it’s not all about how to make things cheaper, better, faster, stronger.

Here I roundup a few of my favorite workplace hacks:


  1. End a Meeting Like a Superstar
    Ensure that every meeting helps to move your company forward. Simply remember to ask 3 questions at the end of the meeting: What do we see as the next steps? Who is responsible for them? And in what timeframe? The meeting is then summarized in clear and concise key points. (Harvard Business Review)
  1. Follow the One-Minute Rule
    Immediately do any task that presents itself that would only take one minute to complete. By accomplishing the small, quick tasks as they crop up, you are likely to feel calmer and less overwhelmed. (Gretchen Rubin, author)
  1. Spark Your Creativity
    Display that indoor plant, add a few knickknacks and photos, keep your desk clean…or slightly messy. Learn how your desk setup could potentially jump start your creativity. (Inc)

Whether you love life hacks like I do or think it’s an overused buzzword, there are certainly some useful tips available for both in and out of the workplace.

Outside of the office, my little one is nearing age two. You better believe I’ll be clicking 10 Parent Hacks that Makes Caring for a Toddler Simpler. Happy hacking!


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