5 Keys to a Successful Workplace Wellness Program

by Joy Lockner

A workplace wellness program supports healthy behaviors and improves health outcomes.  These programs consist of activities, such as health education and coaching, weight management programs, medical screenings, on-site fitness programs and more. Not only do they support healthy behaviors, but they are also cost-effective.

Here are 5 key elements of a comprehensive workplace wellness program:

  1. Practical and accessible. A comprehensive wellness program offers a variety of on-site services, such as a yoga class, lunchtime seminars, smoking cessation programs, fitness challenges and weight loss initiatives.
  2. Health-conscious work environment. A supportive company offers healthy food in the cafeteria and vending machines. A corporate environment fosters wellness by encouraging regular and appropriate breaks, promotes wellness initiatives, and offers in-house workout spaces or access to walking paths.
  3. Company structure integrates wellness. A successful wellness program is consistent with workplace safety, benefits, and human resources within the organization. Employees are also encouraged to participate without conflict with their job.
  4. Wellness is connected to existing support benefits. Connecting the wellness program with the EAP makes it easier for an employee to get support when they are in a tough emotional or physical situation that affects their health and work.
  5. Health screenings and education. Companies often offer voluntary screenings with incentives, such as an extra vacation day or discount on health insurance premium.

In addition to EAP services, Perspectives offers wellness programs customized to the needs of our clients.

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  • Jeff Silver

    Another great way to inspire employees to take part in your wellness program is to get the executive management engaged. When the CEO or COO shows up to take part in the fitness program, word spreads quickly and employees really open up to the potential. It’s great for everyone involved.