Dads Need WorkLife & Child Care Resources Too

by Kathi Blaszkiewicz

This Father’s Day weekend, many moms are getting a nice surprise too:  53% of fathers would consider being a “stay at home dad” if it were financially feasible, according to a new survey by the Boston College Center for Work & Family.

While we often think of moms as bearing the full responsibility for finding child care and balancing life and family, this survey finds that dads are increasingly associating the role of “care giver” with equal importance to “breadwinner” when it comes to being a good father.

That means that employers may have to start thinking differently about how they provide a supportive work environment to men.

The good news for employers and fathers: there is already lot of help available for dads digging into the care giver role and trying to find ways to balance work and home. 

In fact, many employee assistance programs (EAPs), which are offered through employers as a benefit, offer help FREE to employees.

At Perspectives, for example, our WorkLife Online service is free to every employee that has our EAP as a benefit.   It’s an interactive website that provides articles, tip sheets, assessments, skill-building courses and many other rich features around topics such as parenting and care giving.

Some of the most popular tools used by employees include child care, elder care and pet care databases.

We also offer employers the opportunity to provide employees with enhanced services, such as immediate phone access to WorkLife consultants and convenience services. 

These services can help dads and moms excel at parenting as well as trouble-shoot stressful issues like finding in-home care, day care, summer camps and sick or back-up child care.  

How great is it that the groundwork laid for moms can now help all employers, employees and dads be more productive in every aspect of work and life?

Happy Father’s Day to all the hard working, dedicated dads out there.

Kathi Blaszkiewicz is Director of Account Management at Perspectives Ltd and has more than 25 years experience in counseling and EAP services.

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