Well-being for you and your people.

Leading with compassion and empowering success through well-being

Since launching Perspectives over 40 years ago, we have been focused on empowering people to achieve success through improved well-being. What began as a counseling and psychotherapy practice has grown into a powerful resource for helping organizations and individuals address the myriad factors that can affect mental health and success, including work, finances, family and beyond.

With a compassion-built and outcome-focused approach, we provide a robust employee assistance program (EAP), counseling and psychotherapy services, and dynamic workforce strategy and development. Our goal is to help individuals, teams, and organizations thrive by supporting their mental and emotional health.

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Your Full EAP and Workforce Solutions Partner

We know firsthand how hard it is to navigate the constantly evolving needs of a diverse workforce. How do you prevent employee turnover and burnout while ensuring you are up-to-date on all HR regulatory and compliance work?

As your list of things to do grows, the resources and budget available continue to shrink. We understand.

At Perspectives, we are people first. Our dynamic employee assistance program (EAP) provides the care and resources your people need to address work and life stressors. With EAP support, your organization will see higher retention, better performance, and improved focus and presence on the job. Our top-notch workforce strategy and development team will enable your organization to maximize performance through effective training, coaching, process analysis, and DE&I and work culture support.

How we deliver

We help empower your employees, your teams, and your organization.

56 %

Increase in employee
satisfaction with
an EAP

96 %

of clients would
recommend Perspectives

50 :1

average ROI
with Perspectives
assistance program

Helping You in your journey

Helping you in your journey to well-being

Does it ever feel like you spend most of your time worrying about and caring for everyone else? When is it your turn? At Perspectives we focus on you, and help you find a better balance so you can live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.

With compassion and understanding, our experienced and caring professional therapists will create a personalized plan that gets to the root of why you’re feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, frustrated, or sad. They will ensure you feel safe, secure and supported, helping you discover new pathways to improved well-being.

Stop putting your life on hold, and move forward with peace of mind.

How we help you

I appreciate the professionalism, extensive knowledge, and helpful approach the counselor had toward me and my problem.

Calling and getting connected with a counselor was easy, and the zoom sessions were really convenient. My counselor was also very helpful.

Perspectives' response was quick and thorough, my therapist was skilled and contributed to my well-being.

Supporting your work

We support your work, so you can support others

Our team of therapists, social workers, and psychologists is skilled in getting people the mental health assistance they need.

Perspectives provides telehealth and in-person options, as well as flexible schedules. Our technological systems take care of scheduling, billing, insurance interfaces, and all the logistics involved so that you can do what you do best; practice. And our extensive library of content offers you a wealth of resources to offer clients. Not only does Perspectives put you on the path to helping others improve their well-being, but you will also have access to an exceptional compensation package and the opportunity to grow with a company that cares about you.

Make a difference while prioritizing your own mental health with Perspectives.

How we work together

There is a common thread that binds us all together and that is helping others.

Head of Finance

The team culture and community really help create an environment where we can do our jobs and encourage all of these wonderful mental health initiatives to continue to destigmatize mental health in the workplace.


We all go through moments where life can be a hard. Knowing that every day Perspectives makes a difference and gives access to care for people who are hurting, struggling, or need someone to listen, gets me up in the morning.

Senior Sales Executive