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Mindfulness & Stress
The practice of Mindfulness can be a powerful tool to battle workplace stress while transforming the way work is done. These deep changes can have profound and lasting benefits for an organization, its culture and ultimately its bottom line.

In this white paper, we dissect workplace stress, look at Perspectives’ proprietary data to quantify the impact and organizational cost thereof, explore Mindfulness as way to counter these effects and provide tips on ways to implement the practice into your daily life.

EAP Utilization & Effectiveness
This study is the first of its kind in over 30 years. The survey covered 82 external EAP vendors, and over 35,000 client companies all which covered over 69 million employees and 164 million lives. The comparative data demonstrates that all EAPs are not the same; comparing EAPs embedded with free standing EAPs.

Specifically, this white paper discusses:
1. What is typical EAP counseling utilization?
2. Is utilization the only or best way to measure effectiveness?
3. Are all EAPs the same?