Your Full EAP Partner

We know every organization has a unique set of challenges and goals, which is why we structure our employee assistance programs based on your culture and needs.

Perspectives EAP is HIGHLY VISIBLE. We proactively market and promote the program throughout the year; not just at the outset.

We are HIGH TOUCH, where your employees benefit from 24/7 access to our masters-level Call Center staff who will provide in-person and telephonic counseling. We also provide onsite training, onsite assistance and 24/7 immediate HR or management consultation for crises and difficult employee situations.

We are HIGH TECH, providing your organization with its own customized landing page that includes a mobile-friendly orientation video and structured online skill-building modules for personal and professional development. Your employees can do self-directed searches for valuable resources and instant message with dependent care counselors.

HIGHLY ACCOUNTABLE is our hallmark. Each of our organizations has a dedicated account manager who will provide reports on utilization trending, user-satisfaction data and ongoing support. We pay attention to your employees and your bottom line. 88% of the EAP users have had their situations resolved without the use of a healthcare benefit.

There are many EAP models available, including a la carte training and critical incident stress debriefing. Learn More

Bring a highly visible EAP to your employees.

Integrating Behavioral Healthcare with Medical Care

Looking for a way to encourage employees with multiple medical conditions to change their lifestyles? Through Perspectives’ partnership with Inspera Health, we can help your organization reduce healthcare costs and increase positive outcomes by helping those living with chronic conditions transform their health. We do this through integrated lifestyle change support, incorporating behavioral care, nutrition and medical care. Without a strong behavioral healthcare component, this kind of lifestyle change is hard to sustain.

Foster healthy lifestyles and reduce healthcare costs.  

Simplifying Your FMLA Administration

Administering FMLA in house and staying compliant with ever changing state and federal regulations can take up valuable HR/Benefits time and resources. Let us take the burden of FMLA administration off of your plate. We manage the entire FMLA process, from application and adjudication to ongoing monitoring and return to work, and we assume the liability for the process.

Perspectives FMLA Administration:

  • Ensures that you are in compliance with all state and federal regulations
  • Is easy to install and interfaces with any payroll system
  • Communicates with your employee and your HR/Benefits team every step in the process
  • Includes customized built-in reporting
  • Can be affordably delivered on a per case or per employee per month basis
  • Is tailored to your organization

Save time and stay FMLA compliant.

Connecting Human Capital Development to Business Results

Perspectives Organizational Consulting Group (POCG) helps to empower your organization to maximize performance—developing and supporting organizational strategy and effectiveness through talent management.

Our Work

Our Talent Management Services include Leadership Development, Instructional Design, Mediation, Team Building, Personnel Assessments, Training and One-on-One Coaching.

Our Organizational Strategy & Effectiveness Services include Emergency Preparedness, Organizational Assessments, Strategic Planning, HR Compliance and Support, Organizational Redesign and Talent Strategy.

We also provide custom developed training programs and specialty consulting services. Our solutions help to align the performance of your leadership, managers and workforce with your organizational strategy. View our full portfolio of consulting services.

Our Facilitators

We take pride in the quality of our consultants, coaches and trainers enabling us to assign the best-fit facilitator for each engagement and ensuring the quality of services delivered.  View our facilitator’s credentials.

Strengthen your organization with “best-fit” strategies and tailored resources.

Empowering a Healthier and More Productive Workforce

CULTURE SHIFT. Too often, wellness is a time-limited event or a patchwork of programs. Our robust wellness programs are tailored plans that we develop together with you to build employee engagement.

SUSTAINABILITY. We often start with biometric screenings and our Health Risk Assessment. The next step is to introduce our online wellness portal of health resources, lifestyle improvement programs and health coaching. The key to sustainability is our Healthy Activity Tracker, a powerful tool that assigns values to the various wellness activities available and measures employee participation.

Bring wellness to your workforce.