We’re Looking For Top-Notch Affiliates

We have an expansive network of highly qualified, independently contracted affiliates who help us deliver services to customer locations across the nation and around the world.  And we’re always looking for strong candidates to help us further expand that network.

Qualified candidates will have:

  • Master’s degree or higher in behavioral health or human services
  • 5+ years post-graduate experience
  • $1+ million malpractice insurance
  • Current state license/certification
  • EAP experience

If selected, Perspectives Ltd Affiliates are called on to provide:

  • EAP assessment & referral services
  • EAP problem-resolution counseling
  • Supervisory Trainings
  • Employee Orientations
  • Seminars
  • Health Fairs
  • Critical Incident Response
  • Disruptive Event onsite support services

Perspectives Ltd Affiliate Clinical Paperwork

Perspectives Ltd’s expansive network of highly qualified affiliates helps to deliver our high-touch EAP services to all our customer organizations. The confidential  *Clinical Paperwork is available for your use when administering Perspectives EAP services. Completed paperwork can be fax or mailed to:

Perspectives Ltd
ATTN: Provider Relations
20 N Clark Street, Suite 2650
Chicago, IL 60602
Fax: (312) 759-2108

Please click here to access the Clinical Paperwork.

Please click here to access the Affiliate Guidelines.

Perspectives National Provider/Affiliate Application. Apply Now.