by Terry Cahill

On February 16, Perspectives will be presenting to the Leadership of Greater McHenry County (LGMC) and will be discussing the power of Emotional Intelligence for those in leadership roles.

by Jonathan Eisler

On January 27, Perspectives will be presenting at the annual Illinois Association of School Personnel Administrators (IASPA) conference. The topic is Addressing Stress in the Workplace. The team will define workplace stress and look at its impact, outline steps organizations may take to alleviate stress and address the symptoms thereof and explore what individuals can do when […]

by Susan Dumigan

Brian Noonan, radio host on WGN Radio, learns more about the much needed community services being offered by Allies of Innocence. Fay Ferguson, Co-CEO of Burrell Communications, describes how she came up with the Allies of Innocence idea and Bernie Dyme, CEO of Perspectives, explains how services will be offered to families and victims. Listen […]

by Bernard Dyme

35 years ago today, Perspectives Ltd officially began as an organization. Back then Olivia Newton-John’s song “Physical” topped the music charts and the Rubik’s Cube was all the rage. I certainly didn’t know when we embarked on this journey that we would create an organization that would have such a positive impact on so many. I feel great […]