by Terry Cahill

Bob Cratchit sheepishly asking old Scrooge for just another lump of coal to heat the office seems a scene from a bygone era. Many U.S. employers now provide healthcare, disability and life insurance, as well as retirement and even wellness benefits.  And heated offices.  And yet many of us are not able to muster the […]

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Always Be Prepared.

by Jonathan Eisler

The recent horrors in Vegas and Texas are a painful reminder that we can never be perfectly safe from violence. As business leaders, we need to be prepared to protect our employees when the unimaginable happens. With the proper plan in place, you can limit damages and injuries and return to normal operations more quickly. […]

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by Working World Cafe

Whenever people face bereavement, injury, or other kinds of trauma, they need to talk about it in order to heal. To talk, they need willing listeners. Unfortunately, many of us shrink from listening to people in pain. We may feel like we have enough troubles of our own, or be afraid of making matters worse […]

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A Lesson in Personal Branding

by Megan Pagel

I recently attended the National Association of Social Workers conference and the opening speaker was Judi Holler. On her website, Judi describes herself as a personal branding speaker and performance coach who believes, “your personal brand is the most powerful tool you own and it can allow you to open incredible doors.” So, what is […]

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