How Can I Get You Caffeinated Today?

by Susan Dumigan

coffee smileDuring the morning commute to work in the Chicago Loop, we are all in a hurry and in need of a boost. Most days I stop at the same coffee shop before heading into the office.

Last Thursday, instead of a standard “What would you like to order?” the barista greeted me with an energetic “How can I get you caffeinated today?”

This friendly, silly and unique interaction made me smile and inspired this post. I continue to go back to this particular location, not because it’s the most convenient or cheapest, but because I have the best experience there.

It’s the atmosphere, the available options and the speed of checkout. And of course, it’s also the upbeat staff who know me by name and my medium, dark-roast coffee order.

Service with a smile. This mantra has been around for ages and is still an important piece of customer service. Though in a world of endless options, it’s an exceptional customer experience that will likely keep your customers coming back.

According to the Disney Institute, there is a difference between customer service and customer experience, and the best companies are doing both.

When you create such an unforgettably good experience, your purely “transactional” customers turn into loyal, engaged customers who will recommend your business to others.

Here at Perspectives, we take pride in our strong partnerships with the organizations and individuals we serve and focus on all the little and big details. It’s important to understand what our customers care about, what makes them tick and what challenges they face. This will help make each interaction relevant and meaningful to provide the best-fit solutions.

And, to tackle this very important job…we all need to be fully caffeinated!

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  • Gina Higgin

    Love it! Love the experience and service and continue to strive for this in my day to day work and interactions!